About the editor

Tristan is one of the co-founders of the venture builder Maple Inside where he worked as Art Director & Lead designer. He originaly comes from a small village in the french Alps and moved to Québec city in 2014.  He owns a cat called Marcel, & spent most of his time photographying the city & playing music.
“Hi everyone, I am happy to have step uppon that great tool that is persona to share with you what makes design everyday around the globe. This page aims at being as efficient as possible, so I won’t take hours, not that I don’t want to, describing the projects and the studios behind it. However all of the projects are linked to the studios responsible for such amazing things. I am the only curator for this content, so I’ll stay as objective as possible but you could possibly notice there’re styles that I like a lot ;). I wish you all a great visit. Keep up the good work that you all do for the field. Any comments about this project are welcome on twitter.”